Collide on Film (2017), an action by ieke Trinks for Filmwerkplaats was performed for Nico Komen’s rotating camera and projection system.
For the exhibition, Komen arranged to have 8 film projectors running simultaneously a single 5-minute reel of 16 mm film. The 180 degrees setup of the projection made Trinks think of the zoetrope - a carousel-like forerunner of the filmstrip. The invitation to perform for analogue film stock also reminded her of studies in human locomotion captured by Eadweard Muybridge’s system of stationary still cameras. The walking body in performance has now become familiar through the colliding bodies of Ulay & Abramović’s performance, Relation in Space (1976). Their basic principals included: no rehearsal – no predicted end – no repetition.
Performed by Ronald Bal, Jolanda Jansen and ieke Trinks.
Collide on Film (2017), an action by ieke Trinks