20 films made by members of Filmwerkplaats; each film is 69 seconds long. The duration of 69 seconds was the only limitation, as each film was created from diverse perspectives, experimentations and concepts.
Programmed by Martin Putto.

Nico Spaarkogel----------------Capture
Julia Kaiser----------------------Wer morgens singt, den holen abends die Katzen.
Bart Koppe----------------------Smits Bouwbedrijf
Coen Janssen-------------------Meander
Daan de Bakker---------------- de Koperen Ploert
Marleen van der Werf----------Exposed
Florian Cramer -----------------69 sec. Mila
Benjamin Ramírez Pérez-------Embellishments
Judith v/d made---------------- the motion of tumbling
Marcy Saude---------------------Cattedown Breakwater
Lichun Tseng--------------------Xun
Juul van der Laan-------------- What will you remember?
Guy Edmonds------------------- Attraction Forthcoming
Patricia Chaves----------------- Ghostly Manners
Hélène Martin------------------ My Flannel Pants
Gert Groenenberg--------------March of guards will remain
Esther Urlus---------------------you are not alone
Nan Wang -----------------------a soft place to fall
Bernardo Zanotta---------------my materialist hair-cut
Joost van Veen----------------- -1969-