This short program is an homage to the glory days of the Dutch Film Co-op and their pivotal initiators, including Barbara Meter, Mattijn Seip and Daniel Singelenberg. By channelling the energies into the production, distribution and screening of experimental films through the Electric Cinema evenings, these filmmakers managed to build up one of the first experimental film circuits within Holland. From about 1969 up until 1974, Amsterdam became  a central place where Dutch and foreign experimental films were shown, shared and discussed. Even though the Dutch Co-op did not manage to survive as long as their international counterparts in London, Vienna or NY, its impact on the cultural climate of Holland cannot be denied. This program gives a short glimpse of the artistic credo of a generation that strongly believed in the power of self-organization and DIY practises to counteract the establishment.
30/73 Coop Cinema Amsterdam (Kurt Kren, 1973 16mm, stil, 3 min);
Song for four hands (Barbara Meter, 1970, 16mm, kleur, geluid, 3 min);
After the colors (Matthijn Seip, 1971, 16mm, kleur, stil, 5 min)
Another Shot (Daniel Singelenberg, 1973, 16mm, zw, geluid, 5 min);
A Fan (Frans Zwartjes, 1968, 16mm, zw, stil, 7 min)
The Dutch Film Co-op of the 70’s
curated by Simona Monizza, film prints from the EYE Institute Amsterdam