A sonic and visual projection performance combining the destructive treatment of analogue film with a death cult magic lantern show.
The sonic projections are provided through the manipulation of contact mics and guitar pick-ups attached to the various apparatus used in the performance.
This performance is built from two main elements; firstly, Pope employs slide projectors fitted with additional shutters, allowing proto-cinematic ‘apparent movement’ on the screen. The images are superimposed and the shutters create movement. The speed of the shutters, and of the slide sequence, are manipulated and adjusted as the performance unfolds. Influence is drawn from the Lanterna Magica performances of the 19th century.
The second element (superimposed onto the slide images) consists of a loop of black 16mm emulsion film which is slowly abraded with an array of hand tools, followed by the use of a hobby grinder. Starting with star-like piercings which appear in random fashion, more linear scratchings are created, lines criss-cross the screen in ever increasing density, creating an unstable, mutable graphic architecture.
The piece ends with an all-out attempt to eradicate any emulsion from the loops. Flashing onto the screen are the slides: skulls and faces in negative and positive appearing through the ripped textured scratched and torn celluloid base of the 16mm film.