The Omni-overtone of the mountains is always different. It is one kind of sound in the rain, another kind of sound in the fog, and another one in the mid day sun. The Omni-overtone of the mountains is not the accumulation of all sound in the mountain, nor a kind of sound made by specific animal or river. It is the resonance of everything there. This film performance is some blink monuments of the impression in abstract expression, that inspired by those Omni-overtones in different mountains and different situations.
The film was made by some common modern industrial material: printing ink and plastic sheets. It sculpts the mountains in various angles and lights, with an abstract way. In the darkroom, the shades are like some paintings and some slices of sculptures and space.
The film is constructed with 3 boxes that were given to three projectionists. In each box, there are three small boxes, that was labeled “Beginning” “Middle” and “Ending”. These are a few film loops in those boxes. The projectionists suppose to randomly pick those film loops during the projection, within the general order. There will be three projectors but the projectionist can choose when to show the film loop, so sometimes there will be 3 images on the screen, sometimes there is none.

The sound is an improvised electric noise performance.
The Fluorescence of the Mountains