3 x 16mm Film Installation
For over 100 years, film shaped the way people remembered, dreamed, and saw the world. It was the great industrial dream-machine. Today, industry has largely abandoned North America, leaving behind its architectural shells. Eastman Kodak, former giant of the industrial age, has declared bankruptcy, and film-based cinema is nearly extinct as digital cinema has replaced it in most applications.
Minerva's Owl is a 16mm film installation that captures the industrial era high-rise of the Kodak Tower in Rochester, New York, filmed over 24 hours. By separating, re-combining, and making visible the three-additive primary colours, Minerva's Owl references cinematic and photographic histories, with their early experiments in colour image reproduction. It also playfully imagines a near future in which no manufacturer produces film, and artists must invent techniques to create colour images on film. The looped cycle of day and night suggests the twin moments of the “dawn” and “dusk” of industrial film production and hints to the limited life-cycles of all communication technologies with the worlds they create and belong to.
Minerva's Owl