Light Begets Sound is a durational performance focussing on the controlled phasing and feedback of the light beam of the 16mm film projector, and light and sound articulated custom built light sensitive instruments. Golding harnesses the frequencies inherent in her choice of light sources - camera flash units and a laboratory strobe light - creating discordant sonics and harsh lighting, whilst using torch light to tease begrudging sounds from small handmade light sensitive audio devices. On the nature of listening and seeing, Golding investigates audiovisual hallucinogenic perception through mixing desk input and feedback and analogue and digital light combinations onto a prepared screen. A journey into Golding’s longstanding enquiries into phenomenological optics and acoustics, Golding explore liveness in “banging audiovisual intent” (BFI Sight and Sound Magazine).

20 - 25 mins variable duration

2 × 16mm empty film projectors, motorised colour shutters, camera flash units, sound devices, mixing desk, Lerango Drone light sensitive audio device by Phantom Chips.

Sally Golding