Quadrologia Pentacónica = film performance for 4 short 16mm silent films + echo soundtrack / Echo soundtrack = sound after image = soundtrack is performed live after the film screening / 4 films + soundtrack = the fifth film = Quadrologia Pentacónica / First performed in 2010, since then always changing. Von Calhau! is the name that conceals all artwork done in communion by Marta Ângela and João Alves. They have been working together in the fields of visual art, text, sound, performance and music. They have shown their work across Portugal and Europe in places like Serralves Museum, Culturgest, The Glasgow School of Art, Café Oto, MAAT, among others. Selected editions: Ú, vinyl record published by Kraak Records (2016), O Rato Retórico Ritualiza Roto o Rutilo: book published by Culturgest (2015), Magneto Luminoso Condutor Sombra: vinyl record self published (2013), NN von Calhau!: book published by Serralves Museum(2011), Quadrologia Pentacónica: vinyl record published by Rafflesia (2011).
VON Calhau! Quadrologia Pentacónica
16mm + live sound | 40min