The Netherlands 2017, 16mm, b/w, installation, no sound

Farah Rahman is a media artist working with archives, found footage and found objects.
In Anthocyan, a work in progress, 16mm projector's are used as a research instrument to examine form, structure and patterns in cuttings from tropical plants, reorganised as if they were footage on their own. All plant cuttings were obtained and dried in collaboration with the Hortus Botanicus tropical garden in Leiden.
16mm film, canvas

Still Life with Fries is an analogue .GIF, a framed space, a container of time. Inspired by traditional dutch painting and the sectret life of inanimate objects. Still Life with Fries is a tableau vivante of vinrant matter painted with colored light.
Visual Sound Patterns are little audio creatures found in the mosaics from Le Grande Mosquée de Paris. They are distilled and caught in 16mm film. By turning the wheels you can make them sound and flicker over the walls.

This installation is a work in progress and kindly sponsored by the City of Rotterdam.

Yudit van der made
Klara Ravat
An3 van de Kuit

An invitation for an exploration of the senses, triggering our 'synesthetic' abilities :the human ability to associate and link things together that are not necessarily ' physically' present in real time.

Anthocyan - Farah Rahman
Visual Sound Patterns – Bart Koppe
Interdependent - Top/Heart/Bass -
Still Life with Fries - Rebecca Erin Moran