4 - 5 NOVEMBER @WORM Rotterdam
Festival program
Sandwich Island presents - Liew Niyomkarn + DJ Duckfood
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a 2-day festival for analogue moving images and optical sound; a celebration of the analogue film with an international programme of audio-visual performances, films, presentations, lectures and installations. Back to the Future: Project! focuses on the future of the film medium, in terms of contemporary artistic developments embedded in a historical context.
Filmwerkplaats & WORM Rotterdam cordially invites you to
Monochromoton & Bed Dataries - Tomaz Burlin
Collide on Film (2017), an action by Ieke Trinks
Optigan Combo: Lukas Simonis & Oscar Jan Hoogland
the 69 Seconds - Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam
Forgotten Matters - Bernardo Zanotta & Lennart Smidt
Spotlight on a Brick Wall - Mike Stoltz and Alee Peoples
Rites of Resistance - Miki Ambrózy
‘LANG’ (浪) - Lichun Tseng
The Dutch Film Co-op of the 70’s - curated by Simona Monizza
Optical Sound Films - Guy Sherwin
Cycles #3 + Washi MM - Guy Sherwin & Lynn Loo
Klankvorm #3: "Matters-ton" - Tatsuru Arai
Heliopolis Heliopolis - OJOBOCA
Optical Sound Orchestra - Mariska de Groot & Filmwerkplaats
The New American Cinema Reaches Enlightenment - two films by Owen Land
Minerva's Owl - Erin Weisenberg
Night Awake - Sandy Ding
Klankvorm #3: "Phyllotaxis" - Macular
S.N.O.W - Judid van der Made +David Dudoit's Films
The Fluorescence of the Mountains - Sandy Ding
NEW MUSEUM OF MANKIND, a traumatoscopic presentation - OJOBOCA
Optigan Combo - Lukas Simonis & Oscar Jan Hoogland
Man with Mirror - Guy Sherwin
Recent films by the Iris Film Collective
Motion Gestures - Sato Endo & Florian Cramer
Ten Mornings Ten Evenings and One Horizon - Tomonari Nishikawa
Cluster Click City Sundays - Simon Liu
Pancoran - Richard Tuohy & Dianna Barrie
ELEMENTS 1, 2, 3 - Tomaz Burlin
Dos Sueños Después - Pilar Monsell
SCARFACE - Greg Pope
DELETION – Esther Urlus
The captured light of an instant - Lichun Tseng
Liquid Pulse - Nan Wang & Matthias Hurtl
Dutch Experimental Classics
brouillard passage #14 - Alexandre Larose
Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axis - Daïchi Saïto
Black and White Trypps Number Three - Ben Russell
Quadrologia Pentacónica - VON Calhau!